"Miss Winn's Garden"

Shortfilm Written by

Lucy A. Fazely

Lucy A. Fazely

 Freelance Writer & Designer

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FILM AND STAGE CREDITS (updated Jan. 2017)

▪Hereafter Hotline: head writer and supervising producer of web series by The Diaz Brothers (Nevada) 2016/2017.

▪The Rock: writer of dramatic short by IFA (Nevada) 2017.

▪Miss Winn's Garden: screenwriter and executive producer of drama television pilot by Spirit of Life Productions (Georgia) 2016.
▪A Cup of Tea: Co-writer (with Cat Stewart) and executive producer of drama short, Amaru Films (California.) 2013. Website: http://www.amarufilms.com/

▪Passive Fist: Associate producer of short film by DIM Pictures, LLC (Georgia), 2012.
▪Good Night My Sweet Prince: Screenwriter and associate producer of horror short by eRock Productions (Michigan), 2015.

▪Pennies from Heaven: screenwriter/producer of drama short in pre-production (Michigan).

▪Unnamed Creature Feature: in pre-production (Georgia).

▪Unnamed Drama Short: in pre-production (Georgia).

▪Unnamed Creature Feature: Cowriter (with Chris Bieszk) under option (L.A.).

Indianapolis: Cowriter (with Chris Bieszk) of audio play in pre-production for Doorways & Dimensions, 2017

▪Two stage plays produced locally (Michigan).


Screening short films for Downtown Film Festival L.A., 2013.

Screening short films for San Pedro Film Festival, 2012-2013.
Screening short films for Catalina Film Festival, 2012-2013.

Writing coverage for Big Bear Lake Film Festival, 2011-2013.
Wrote coverage for Hollywood Outreach Project, 2008-2013.

THE GOOD BOOK: quarter-finalist screenplay in Shore Scripts, 2016

​THE GOOD BOOK: quarter-finalist screenplay in Omaha Film Fesival, 2017

​Miss Winn’s Garden – Diamond Award Winner – California Film Awards, 2016Placed 22nd in the 79th Writer's Digest Competition for "The Spotty History of Dots" in the Magazine Feature category. 
Semi-finalist in the Spring 2011 Cyberspace Open Scene Writing Contest sponsored by Creative Screenwriting. 
​Agnes of the Street placed fourth in the MoviePoet.com one-page screenplay contest (June 2010).
Semi-finalist in the Spring 2010 Cyberspace Open Scene Writing Contest sponsored by Creative Screenwriting.
​Obtained an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Alpena Community College in 2010.  ​Member Phi Theta Kappa
Received Feature Film Screenwriting Certificate through UCLA Extension's Writer's Program in 2009 (GPA 4.0).
​Received Honorable Mention in the 78th Writer's Digest Competition for "The Good Book" in the Television/Movie Script category.
​Screenplaylab.com selected Lucy's KING OF THE HILL spec script ‘PEGGY 

In Stitches’ to be read by actors at their Jan 07 workshop in L.A., CA.​




Lucy A. Fazely

*produced screenwriter, produced playwright, and executive producer*

Inspired by a moment of insanity or divine intervention. ​