"Miss Winn's Garden"

Shortfilm Written by

Lucy A. Fazely

Lucy A. Fazely

 Freelance Writer & Designer

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"This is one of those great light science fiction films which pleases sci-fi fans and regular audiences alike... clearly it has been written by a couple of talented individuals...it is captivating, right from the beginning.  ...deep, complex and three dimensional characters. Many have their own agendas or deep [seated] personal issues (creating) a strong sense of empathy..."  Wildsound coverage for "My Corpse" co-written by Chris Bieszk and Lucy A. Fazely

"Stunning imagery. Such a cute ending. It put a big ole smile on my face. I love reading your writing!" Anthony McHie, Producer - about "Agnes of the Street".

"Agnes of the Street" placed fourth out of 64 entries in the June 2010 MoviePoet.com one-page screenplay contest. Six readers selected the script as their 'favorite'. Some of the comments the script received:    


--- "An amazing story full of color and life without a single word of dialogue. Excellent!"

--- "Is your script seeing anyone? I'm quite smitten with it. In all seriousness, I really love this one. I think the characters are really vivid, especially with the 1 page limit. There's a lot happening in a really simple story, which is amazingly well contained within the page."

--- "This is EXCELLENT! Very touching and sad. For one page you have managed to fill this with little moments that are indelible: the gum, the cigarettes, the ribbon on the flower, and finally the dollar to the family. Wonderful job."

--- "The bubble gum made me cringe. You got quite the reaction out of me [with] that."

--- "Great line 'a bone hanger for a faded sundress'"

--- "The story captivated me. Excellent writing, great sense of drama and emotion. Incredible. You paint a beautiful picture with your words.

"The Good Book" (a feature-length screenplay by Lucy A. Fazely) was awarded Honorable Mention in the 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition (2009) in the Television/Movie Script Category.

"I really liked the setting and the characters a lot…you have a knack for witty dialogue." Lee Sacks – Producer – on "Roadkill Romance"

"Thank you for allowing me to read your script. I found it entertaining with a strong and heartfelt storyline. I enjoyed the dialogue between Mia and Henry, as well as the development of their characters. The humor was right on and the ending was solid."
Jenn Sanderson, producer – on "Roadkill Romance"

"…I enjoyed reading your work and feel you have talent…"
Jesse Murray – ABC Daytime Television, Talent Development

"I really enjoyed reading it and am interested in talking with you about producing it."
Shanalyna Palmer – Spirit of Life Productions - on "Miss Winn’s Garden"

"That's a pretty good read for a short!!!"

Mel Bradford – Producer – on "Roadkill Romance"

"I LOVE IT ! This is best comedy script I have ever received from HOP. It could use a slight polishing, but overall the story is sound and FUN! A fast read! VERY compelling and engaging. The structure is perfect and the story is like a roller coaster ride of surprise. Every new twist and turn is unpredictable yet totally plausible, given the characters and plot. I think this is a very marketable script and expect to see it on the big screen. Best of luck to the writer, who is a master of the "fortunately, unfortunately" scenario. Consider"

Hollywood Outreach Project Coverage of "Ghost to Coast" – Reader #5